Conferences: Inference, Formal, Exact and Ordinary

Here are links to excellent upcoming conferences.

CFP: Naturalisms in Ethics

There’s a call for papers for a conference focused on ethical naturalism. It addresses the multiplicity of ethical theories that fall under the label ‘naturalism’–hence the conference title ‘naturalisms’. The organizers are encouraging people to submit abstracts in any way related to the topic. Conference details are as follows:

  • When: Thursday July 14th- Friday July 15th, 2011
  • Where: University of Auckland
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: May 1st, 2011

For more details, consult the Pea Soup post or the conference website. Note: This conference occurs right before the APRA conference.

CFPs: Reasons, Gauthier, SLACRR

Recently, there have been some outstanding call for papers (CFPs) announced. These opportunities are as follows:

  • Reasons of Love: This conference is in Leuven (Belgium) from May 30 – June 1, 2011. The deadline for submission is December 1, 2010. Click here for more details.
    • Some Conference Questions: Do ‘the reasons of love’ constitute a
      genuine, distinctive category of reasons?  Are different kinds of love related to different kinds of reasons? What are the requirements of love, as opposed to the requirements of duty? Are love’s reasons rational or non-rational?
  • Gauthier Conference: To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Morals by Agreement a conference will be held May 13-15, 2011. The deadline to submit your abstract is January 15, 2011. You can submit an abstract on anything related to rational choice contractarianism. Click here for more details, including a list of participants.
  • SLACRR: The St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality (SLACRR) is May 22-24, 2011. Your abstract is due December 31, 2010 . Jamie Dreier is the keynote speaker. Click here to access the conference website.

Links: Workshop, Society, Project, Journal

Below are some great developments and opportunities in the world of philosophy.

  • 2011 Normative Ethics Workshop
    • This conference will be held at the University of Arizona, January 6-8 2011. The program looks very interesting. It includes keynote talks by Robert Audi, Julia Driver, and Thomas Hurka.
  • North Carolina Philosophical Society 2011 Meeting
    • I attended this conference last year. I recommend it because it is well-organized and features a number of interesting tracks and papers. This society and its South Carolina counterpart are model philosophical societies that foster lively research and opportunities for feedback. The keynote speaker is Walter Sinnott-Armstrong.
  • The Character Project
    • Much congratulations to Christian Miller and all involved in securing this grant. This project will look at issues related to the study of character from three domains of inquiry: psychology, theology, and philosophy.
  • New Skepticism Journal
    • Duncan Pritchard has announced the launch of a new journal. This journal is called the International Journal for the Study of Skepticism. Further details are forthcoming.