In Memory of Anthony Brueckner

I’m deeply saddened by the passing of my friend and mentor, Anthony Brueckner. He inspired me to do philosophy. He inspired me to explore my interests. He came along side me in that exploration, and he guided me to a clearer and more streamlined expression of my own thoughts and ideas. I’m going to miss his anecdotes, relating a philosophical point to something from pop culture–often a quote from a movie or a song. I’m going to miss hearing him coming down the hall of the department, continually clearing his throat, knowing that Tony B. was near. I’m going to miss seeing him wearing that worn brown leather jacket, carrying that worn leather briefcase. But, most of all, I’m going to miss talking to him about philosophy. If I have a philosophical hero it is Tony Brueckner. He has provided myself, and so many others, with a model of intellectual humility, intellectual honesty, generosity with one’s time, and rigorous attention to details. As he says in his monograph (2010: 5), “As one often finds in philosophy, the devil is in the details.” I’m going to miss you, Tony B.

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