Workshop: Knowing How

There’s a workshop on “knowing how” at the University of St Andrews on July 2-3, 2011. Below is a blurb about the workshop and a link to the workshop’s website.

What is the nature of the knowledge one has when one knows how to do something? Gilbert Ryle (1949) famously claimed that “knowing how” could not be analysed in terms of “knowing that”. Recently, however, there has been a resurgence of support for “intellectualist” views according to which knowledge-how is a kind of knowledge-that. This intellectualist revival has been strongly opposed by some philosophers and the ensuing debates have stimulated a great deal of new research on knowledge-how. This joint Arché/Rutgers workshop will bring together leading researchers in the field to explore questions about the nature of knowledge-how and its relationship to knowledge-that.

Click here to access the workshop’s website.

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