The Factivity and Contextualism Debate

It’s that time again. I’m going to provide explanation and analysis of a slice of philosophical literature. Previously I reviewed the “Evidence” chapter in Williamson’s The Philosophy of Philosophy, a series of posts I’ll index soon. This time I’m going to play analyst and referee in a debate pitting Peter Baumann vs. Anthony Brueckner and Christopher Buford. Hopefully my review of this literature will serve you by giving you a synopsis of the debate. In addition, this series of posts will help me better understand contexualism and subject-sensitive invariantism–two hot topics in epistemology. This debate might also link-up with my previous post on factivity in a surprising way. We’ll see.

While I cannot guarantee the rate at which I’ll post I can guarantee that I’ll go in order. I discovered the debate by looking at the Brueckner and Buford (2010) paper in the current issue of Analysis. This led me to trace the debate backwards, which started with Baumann’s PPR paper “Contextualism and the Factivity Problem.”

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