LaTeX for Philosophers

Confession: I’m dissatisfied with writing philosophy using Word. My latest struggle involved using Word 2007 to create a document containing math/logic symbols then having to save the document as Word 2003 to submit to a journal. This resulted in Word taking a picture of the equations, which pixellated them. I had to redo the equations in Word 2003 mode using the Windows Character Map to plug-in the logical symbols.

Enter: LaTeX. A solution, yes. Something that takes a while to figure out, yes. But, now, a user’s guide for philosophers to help us navigate the waters of LaTeX. Thanks to Charlie Tanksley for creating an intro to LaTeX for philosophers. I hope to read the guide and discover a solution to my Word-woes. Below are links to his guide.

On Charlie’s Website: Click here
In PDF Format: Click here.

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